RetailMan POS software

We have created software that transforms businesses and make owners and employees live better lives.

What makes RetailMan POS software a better choice among others?

Low Cost
No Strings Attached

After you buy RetailMan software, you will receive lifetime license key, one-year free email support and free similar releases upgrades (e.g. 2.1.1 to 2.1.03). Your license key will never expire.

Lightning fast & easy to setup
Control your business in one day

Retail Man POS – complete business solution that combines Point of Sale, Accounting, Invoicing, Stock Control, Purchasing, Reward Program, Barcode printing and more in single easy to use package.

Outstanding Support
Available When You Need Us

One year free email support included with a purchase. Optional premium support available at extra cost, which allows user to contact us by Telephone or Skype.

Easy to expand
Add extra terminals and locations with ease

As your business grow, you may need to add additional POS station or open a new branch in another location. All you need is to buy extra license, follow simple guide and you will be ready to work in no time.

Awesome, easy to use POS Software and the support is super nice and answers questions quickly!

Not Sure, try, its free. Free download & 90 days free trial period, no strings attached.

PoS Softwarewith Big Capabilities

RetailMan it is not just Point of Sale software, it is a complete business management package at an unbeatable price.

RetailMan combines Point of Sale, Accounting, Invoicing/Quotation, Stock Control, Purchasing, and Loyalty Reward Program in one easy to use package. Our software will help you to run your business more efficiently, to work less hours, be in control of your business and maximise profits. You can use RetailMan in one or multi location business. You will be able to maintain and use all parts of the system from location and easily expand your system as your business will grow. With RetailMan you will be able to effectively and easily manage all day to day business tasks, work for less hours and even run e-mail marketing campaigns.

Easy to setup and use Work on any Windows based system


RetailMan installs on any Windows PC or Windows tab and compatible with operation systems from Windows 98 to Windows 8.1. It means that you can easily build a new system or you can upgrade your old system without buying new expensive hardware.

Our software support many number of optional peripheral hardware including:

  • Touch Screens
  • Barcode readers/scanners
  • POS printers
  • Kitchen printers
  • Cash Drawers
  • Customer Displays
  • Electronic Scales and more.

If you need a complete Point of Sale system or any peripheral hardware, please visit our POS systems and hardware online store, where you will find extensive range of Point of Sale systems, different optional hardware peripherals, POS supplies such as thermal paper till rolls and much more.

I have been extremely impressed with RetailMan POS software. It is very easy to setup with lots of futures and very practical.

Isabel K.

I have tested many others retail management packages, that are much more expensive than RetailMan POS and must say this is one of the best POS programs I have ever used. Thank you guys!

David D.

I love RetailMan POS software. One of easiest and feature rich systems I have ever seen. I was up and running in less than five min. and using it more than two years now. It is an excellent system!

Dara M.

Work Less Hours Keep everything under control

Here is brief description of modules that RetailMan EPoS software combines:

Point of Sale
Lightening fast checkout

  • POS screen optimized for touchscreen and standard monitors
  • Quick add items editable buttons
  • Cash drawer reconciliation
  • Various sales reports related to POS sales

Elegant and Fast Invoicing

  • Invoicing/Quotation (can be printed or emailed)
  • Receive payments
  • Add/Modify Clients (You can send email to your client and bulk emails to a group of clients from here as well)
  • Various reports related to Invoices and Clients

Be in control of your Stock

  • Add/Modify stock (you can track expiry dates, add serial numbers, create packages, lookup history and much more)
  • Groups and Global maintenance
  • Quantity adjustment
  • Various stock relevant reports and functions

Purchase, made easy

  • Purchasing- create and receive orders (Fast purchase order generation that can be emailed to suppliers instantly)
  • Payments to suppliers
  • Add/Modify suppliers
  • Various reports related to Purchases and Suppliers

Keep record of worked hours

  • Payroll functionality, which is built in our software, may not meet the requirements specific to your country and it is advisable to consult your accountant prior using this module. If it not suitable for your country, you can use it for basic management of employees like hours worked, holidays earned and etc.

Put Your Business under control

  • Chart of Accounts (You can create and modify unlimited number of accounts to meet any needs and be used in any type of business.)
  • Journal Posting
  • Entry Posting
  • Bank Accounts reconciliation (never miss anything)
  • Various reports

Never miss anything

  • This module will help you be of control of everything that is happening in the store. You can use it as a diary, a calendar, to pass messages to employees, to assign tasks and check their progress.

Telephone Directory
Smart Email and Phone book

  • Phone directory. You can use it as a phone book and you are able to send single emails and bulk emails from here, which is good for email marketing campaigns.

Easy to Setup&Manage

  • Here you can find all functions to set up and maintain whole system, including system setup, hardware setup, user settings (different access rights can be given to every user), data export/import, system restore, tax file maintenance and etc.
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